Super Stars Facebook Live Poem

A poem written together via a Facebook Live session by our Endorphin Super Stars.

The same four walls
It’s quiet at home
Everybody’s sad
The world has gone bad
But at least we can hug our dads
I miss going out with my friends to places like the Deep
But one day we get the things back.
Like the morning school assembly’s sitting in a line when I’d rather be in class time.
We will get back the huge lines of traffic
I want my days off to be holidays again!
I don’t miss having to sit on uncomfortable chairs and wearing face masks all day in class.
Or the busy streets and shops
I don’t miss sitting next to strangers on the bus.
I do miss my family coming over for tea,
I miss my wee country.
We miss everyone coming to the live Super Stars Sessions.
When this is all over I’m going to give my friends the most massive hugs and hi-5s in the world.

Our Super Star groups are run for 8-25 year olds with Learning disabilities / additional needs in East Riding & West Yorkshire.

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